"I recently started squash lessons at the Edge with the coach David. I would just like to say I've been really enjoying the sessions. I started as a beginner and I feel I've really learned a lot and enjoyed myself while doing so. I would highly recommend the lessons to other people in my situation."

Lucie Milner
Class Coordinator/Personal Trainer : The Edge, University of Leeds

"He is what you want a coach to be, I would recommend David to anyone"

Richard Conway, Squash Player

"I taught him everything he knows!"

David Pearson, England Squash Coach

"He took our club from nowhere to become word champions"

Peter Corney, Chairman British Club, Thailand

One-On-One Coaching​​

"David's technical knowledge and experience of the game is unbelievable and has taken my average game to the next level. I now enjoy competing against opponents I would never have dreamed off before David's coaching. At the same time the coaching was enjoyable and rewarding..."

Vikki Brownridge


I am very lucky and privileged to have coached squash at the highest level, for some amazing players and all over the world. I believe I have a unique set of skills which will enable me to take your squash and racketball game to the next level.


"I have been meaning to do this since completing the six-week squash course with David at The Edge, but just wanted to let you know how much me and my friends enjoyed it!  I absolutely had no idea how much fun squash could be and that it was something that I could actually do.  I would have never have even remotely contemplated trying it until the opportunity came up.

I was slightly dubious of the group format, but it actually worked brilliantly because David was able to manage the lesson really well with fun activities to teach us technique and build up our stamina and confidence.  It also gave us the opportunity to learn from each other, which was very useful.

So just a thank you to The Edge for deciding to start doing lessons, and to David for the brilliant teaching.  I now play squash two to three times a week, and hope to continue this going forward.  I just hope squash doesn’t get so popular that I can’t get a court at The Edge !"  Thanks again!

Fikir Assefa
School Administrative Officer : School of Geography, University of Leeds


"David is an outstanding coach who I highly recommend! His passion for the game is crystal clear and he shares his skills and experience through coaching. He gave me the understanding of not only what to do but why to do it, teaching the basics and then building on those foundations, all of which I believe drive his success. Not only do I absolutely enjoy each and every session I have on court with him but I walk away feeling confident and great.  If you are looking for a coach, look no further, you have found him!"

Maryann Van Blerk


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"He is my favourite squash coach ever"

Anantana Prasertratanarul, Ladies Number 1, Thailand

"He's Mr 100%. our nickname for him is hardman of Yorkshire"

David Ball, Yorkshire Squash Chairman

"He is the best squash coach in the world"

Chatchawin Tangjaitrong Thailand Number 1